Building Trust in Every Sweep – A Case Study on JSA Globalz Collaboration with Ham Investigations

Ham Investigations, specialists in audio and video bug sweeping, partnered with JSA Globalz to establish an online presence and communicate their expertise in ensuring privacy and security. This case study outlines the journey of setting up the Ham Investigations website from scratch, with a focus on strategic SEO implementation, website structure planning, and effective linking strategies.

All of these things were implemented to make sure that Ham Investigations can make a name for itself in the market and that more and more people become aware of the services that they have to offer.

Read on to find out more about how we ensure the website’s success for the longer run as well as new things that we learned and improved throughout the process.

Phase 1: Understanding Ham Investigations

To kick off the project, JSA Global engaged in detailed discussions with Ham Investigations to understand their services, target audience, and unique selling points. This phase laid the groundwork for crafting a website that not only showcased their expertise but also resonated with potential clients. As service providers, we believe in complete transparency with our clients, so when we were working with Ham Investigations, we ensured that proper guidelines were being met throughout the process as we understood the requirements that they had to speed up the process even further.

Phase 2: Planning Website Structure

With a clear understanding of Ham Investigations’ offerings, the team at JSA Global worked on structuring the website for optimal user experience. Different sections were designated for residential and business bug-sweeping services, ensuring visitors could easily find the information most relevant to them.

A user-friendly interface was prioritized, and key pages such as ‘Services,’ ‘About Us,’ and ‘Contact’ were strategically placed in the navigation menu. The goal was to create a seamless flow that guided users from understanding Ham Investigations’ services to contacting them for assistance.

A well-organized website structure is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it enhances user experience by making information easily accessible and navigation intuitive. A clear structure helps visitors quickly find what they’re looking for, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement. Secondly, search engines favor well-structured websites, improving their visibility in search results. Properly organized content, with logical links and headings, aids search engines in understanding and indexing the site accurately.

Lastly, an effective website structure supports the establishment of a brand’s online identity, creating a positive impression and fostering trust among visitors. In essence, a thoughtful website structure is fundamental for user satisfaction, search engine optimization, and overall online success.

Keeping all of the above-mentioned points in mind, we at JSA Global ensured that the website layout looked premium so as soon as potential customers came across the website they became interested in the services that were being offered and wanted to explore more.

Phase 3: SEO Implementation

JSA Global delved into comprehensive SEO strategies to ensure Ham Investigations appeared prominently in search engine results. Thorough keyword research was conducted, focusing on terms related to bug sweeping, audio and video security, and hidden camera detection.

These keywords were strategically integrated into the website’s content, including service descriptions, blog posts, and meta tags. The goal was to make Ham Investigations more discoverable when individuals or businesses searched for services related to privacy and security.

SEO implementation is pivotal for ensuring a website’s visibility in search engine results. Thorough keyword research, identifying terms relevant to the business, enables strategic integration into website content. This optimization encompassed meta tags, headings, and descriptive alt text for images, signals to search engines about the site’s relevance to user queries about sweep and investigations.

 Regularly updated, high-quality content was given priority and was made crucial, as search engines prioritize fresh and valuable information. Effective SEO also involves creating a seamless user experience, optimizing site speed, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. The goal is to not only attract more organic traffic but also to rank higher, establishing the website as an authoritative source in its industry so more and more people could be attracted to the organic traffic of the Ham Investigations website.

Phase 4: Internal and External Linking

Effective linking strategies were employed to enhance the website’s credibility and navigation. Internally, the team created a network of links connecting relevant pages within the site. This not only helped users easily navigate but also signaled to search engines the interconnectedness of content.

Externally, backlinks from authoritative sources within the security and investigation industry were pursued. This not only boosted Ham Investigations’ credibility in the eyes of search engines but also established the website as a reliable source for information on bug-sweeping services.

Site Structure and Domains

The importance of site structure and domains cannot be overstated in the realm of online presence and digital success. A well-organized site structure is akin to a blueprint for a building—it provides a framework for seamless navigation and user experience.

A thoughtfully designed site structure ensures that visitors can easily locate information, fostering user engagement and satisfaction. It also plays a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO), as search engines rely on a clear site structure to index and rank content effectively. Moreover, a logical site structure enhances the overall accessibility of a website, accommodating users with diverse needs.

Search engines consider domain names when ranking pages, emphasizing the significance of choosing a domain that reflects the site’s content and purpose. Additionally, domains influence click-through rates and can impact a website’s visibility in search results. In the dynamic landscape of the internet, where first impressions matter, a well-structured site, and a carefully chosen domain are essential elements for building a robust and successful online presence.

Building Trust in Every Sweep - A Case Study on JSA Globalz Collaboration with Ham Investigations

As shown in the photo above, JSA Global has invested a great deal of time into the site structure of the ham investigations website. A lot of time has been spent figuring out the website layout as well as the change in organic traffic and domains. Not only the current progress will be monitored but it will be changed as the trends change.  

Results and Achievements

The collaboration between Ham Investigations and JSA Global yielded significant results. The website, now well-structured and optimized, experienced a notable increase in organic traffic. Ham Investigations began to rank higher in search engine results for key industry-related keywords, expanding their reach to potential clients seeking privacy and security solutions.

The strategic linking approach not only improved the website’s SEO performance but also built a network of trust both for users and search engines. The simplified website structure ensured that visitors easily found the information they needed, leading to increased inquiries and service requests.


In conclusion, the partnership between Ham Investigations and JSA Global exemplifies the power of strategic digital planning. The website, built from the ground up, now serves as a trustworthy platform for individuals and businesses seeking professional bug-sweeping services. The combination of thoughtful website structure, SEO optimization, and effective linking has positioned Ham Investigations as an industry leader.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Ham Investigations should continue to evolve its digital strategy. Regular updates to the website, staying current with SEO trends, and ongoing efforts to build authoritative backlinks will be essential. The foundation laid by JSA Global provides a solid platform for future growth, ensuring that Ham Investigations remains at the forefront of the digital landscape in the realm of bug sweeping and security services.

The robust foundation laid by JSA Globalz not only positions Ham Investigations for immediate success but also provides a flexible and adaptive framework for future growth in an ever-changing digital landscape.

This means that even if we have focused on the basics right now, improvements will continuously be made with time as required and as JSA Global comes across the progress of how well the website is performing and whether any essential changes are required at that point. We take continuous growth and development of the website very seriously so it will be ensured that the website only performs better with time.