Timeless Success: Seiko USA Digital Transformation – A Case Study

Seiko USA is a globally recognized brand with a rich history spanning over a century. They offer a wide range of high-quality timepieces that are renowned for their precision and craftsmanship. Despite their strong offline presence, the company recognized the importance of improving their digital footprint to cater to the changing consumer landscape. Seiko USA’ website, prior to the collaboration with JSA Globalz, faced various challenges, including stagnant website traffic, limited customer engagement, and lower online sales compared to their potential.

As Seiko USA did not have any sort of digital presence, the main aim behind creating the digital presence included multiple things. These were the following:

1. Increase organic website traffic and visibility.

2. Improve user engagement and reduce bounce rates.

3. Enhance online sales and conversion rates.

4. Strengthen the brand’s online reputation and authority.

Phase 1: Initial Assessment and Strategy Development

When JSA Global Communication was first handed the project of Seiko USA, they had an outdated website with limited mobile optimization. This meant that the website needed to be worked on from scratch and all efforts were put in by the team to make sure that the digital presence could be made and maintained.

First of all, the website’s SEO performance was suboptimal, resulting in poor search engine rankings, and less website traffic coming to the website which automatically meant that there was less user engagement and a lot of people were not aware about what the website was about or what it was offering. Moreover, the content on the website was static and due to plain content that was all over the place, the visitors of the website were not able to engage effectively.


Once the issues and problems were figured out by the team and then assessed by them, our expert team came up with a strategy that could be implemented with ease for the long-term. This strategy included:

JSA Global Communications conducting a complete and comprehensive SEO audit to make sure that all areas of improvement are being properly identified. This came with a customized digital strategy that was devised making sure that all the proper steps for digital marketing were taken. This included incorporating SEO, working on content marketing, as well as user experienced enhancements to increase customer exposure an engagement. Moreover, once this approach was adopted, it was closely monitoring all the time along with making sure that necessary changes were made wherever it was required.

Phase 2: SEO Implementation and On-Page Optimization

After the Phase 1 had been sorted out, then next stage was implemented at once. As SEO Implementation and On-Page Optimization hold a lot of importance, they were given extra attention and the team expert worked on off-page SEO as well along with working on the backlink options. JSA Global Communications also made sure that all technical issues are being addressed such as site speed issues, how long does the website take to load properly, mobile optimization speed and where the website is easily accessible on the phone or not.

Once these things were assessed the team moved on to the next part which was keyword research. As keyword research holds a lot of importance, extensive keyword research was conducted to make sure that the right audience was being targeted and the keywords were relevant and according to the audience that was being opted for. Along with keyword research, the team also dedicated their time towards enhancing the content on the website such as engaging and attractive headings and new, high-quality content was created to engage visitors and improve search rankings.

Phase 3: Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

During the Phase 3 of the process, the monitoring and continuous improvement began, which means that organic website traffic, keyword rankings, user engagement metrics (bounce rate, time on site), conversion rate and online sales and online brand mentions and reputation all were taken care of. As all of these aspects individually contributed to the success of the business and the website, the team made sure that there was no compromise on these and they continued to strive towards the betterment of the website which eventually led towards increased engagement, high website traffic, and an increase in customer retention.

Final Results

After the website project had been completed there were a few successful results that we would like to share with the audience. These results have been mentioned below:

  • Within the first six months of the collaboration, Seiko USA experienced a 30% increase in organic website traffic.
  • Improved keyword rankings resulted in Seiko USA consistently appearing on the first page of search engine results.
  • Bounce rates decreased by 25%, indicating that the website was more engaging and user-friendly.
  • Conversion rates increased by 20%, leading to a significant boost in online sales.
  • Seiko USA’ online brand mentions and reputation improved, contributing to higher brand authority.  

What Did We Ensure?

1. Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

 At JSA Globalz, we strategically implement both long tail and short tail keywords on Seiko USA’s website. Short tail keywords ensure broad visibility, while long tail keywords target specific queries, maximizing search engine performance and enhancing the site’s discoverability for a wide range of user searches.

2. Problem-Solving Expertise in SEO, Development, and Design

JSA Globalz excels in resolving a myriad of challenges for Seiko USA. From SEO optimizations that boost search rankings to seamless development solutions and captivating design enhancements, our comprehensive expertise addresses every aspect of their online presence, ensuring a holistic and effective digital strategy.

3. Design and Development of Seiko USA’s Website

   – We take pride in being the creative force behind the design and development of Seiko USA’s website. From conceptualization to execution, our team at JSA Globalz ensured a visually stunning, user-friendly, and technically robust website that reflects the brand’s identity and provides an exceptional online experience for Seiko USA’s audience.

Timeless Success: Seiko USA Digital Transformation – A Case Study

Do you know that we were able to attract an organic traffic of 164,000 along with an organic reach of 15.2k keywords? With complete focus and dedication on the Seiko USA website, the backlinks worked like a charm as we were able to attract organic traffic of 289k during our SEO work on the website as well. Moreover, we were able to achieve this by figuring out the problem with the website as we found a solution and ensured that the organic traffic and search only improved and got better with time.

Timeless Success: Seiko USA Digital Transformation – A Case Study

Like shown in the photo above, the Seiko sports watch traffic has only improved and gotten better with time generating a traffic of 12.1k and organic research of keywords of 1.4k. This also shows the potential the website has to offer for the future which includes the best performance and better customer traffic which will only increase with time.

Timeless Success: Seiko USA Digital Transformation – A Case Study

As you can see in the screenshot that has been attached above the organic traffic on all the keywords that have been used is impressive as well as the rankings. Proper SEO has been applied along with good usage of keywords to ensure that the website gets better traffic and coverage. As you can see that the keyword ‘seiko watches for women’ alone has a traffic of 1600 plus along with the usage volume of more than 3000 which shows how frequently the searches occur.


The collaboration between Seiko USA and JSA Globalz exemplifies the transformative power of digital marketing and SEO in a highly competitive industry. By addressing key challenges and implementing a comprehensive strategy, Seiko USA achieved significant improvements in organic website traffic, user engagement, and online sales. Their online presence was not only strengthened but also aligned with their esteemed brand reputation. The journey illustrates that, with the right digital marketing partner and a strategic approach, even traditional brands can thrive in the digital age today.

Future Outlook

Seiko USA and JSA Globalz will continue to work together to further enhance their digital presence. While there are a lot of aspects that still need to be covered and considered for possible growth and expansion opportunities there are a few things that we are currently focusing on. Future initiatives may include:

  • Expanding to new markets and languages to reach a broader global audience.
  • Implementing advanced SEO techniques to maintain and improve search engine rankings.
  • Leveraging data analytics to refine content marketing strategies.
  • Staying updated with the latest digital marketing trends to ensure Seiko USA’ sustained growth in the online marketplace.